Full and specific training

You are Architects, Engineers, Technicians you use the BIM for collaborative work Bimparadys offer varied trainings in different techniques and tools of BIM

Bimparadys offer a wide range of essential trainings on BIM software, and we help you to master those tools.

Revit Architecture

Training on the Revit architecture software enables you to create digital models from the sketch to the execution step.

Revit Structural

The training on the Revit structural software allows you to create the analytic and volumetric model of structural part of the project with all  details and descriptive pieces.

Revit MEP

Training on Revit MEP makes you able to create highly technical 3d and 2d documents in building MEP by taking advantage of the Revit Architecture model to avoid design errors.

BIM Standard and documentation

Establishment of a charter and working methodology to create digital models by optimizing the time and avoid works repetition  standardization of output documents.

Visual programming and task automation

With the Visual Programming, you can realize algorithms that will make your work easier manipulate and master the information contained in your BIM model.


Schedule your Tasks and organizes your worksite the goal of Ms Project training while always taking advantage of the BIM model to get useful information to planning.

The training courses are intended to building professionals.
The duration of the training is relating to the program and the expectation of the company.
The training program will be provided before each training as well as planning.
Training Place
The Courses can be done outside or in the company.
Assistance after training
we ensure after-training assistance under the contract terms.